About Energy Therapy

We Start Off As A Finely Tuned Engine…

Most of us make an entrance into this world as a finely tuned engine, unfortunately as we progress through life our engine starts to become worn, some engines run smoothly most of the time without too much maintenance, others will suddenly start to play up. However well we maintain them, some hiccup their way through life regardless of what we do.  So, like a hydraulic system on a machine when it becomes blocked, our bodies stutter and start to breakdown.

We not only come into this world as a finely tuned engine we also have to learn to work with our emotions and again for some we sail through with no problems and with others our experiences dictate how we cope with what life throws at us and how we relate to other people.

How We Learn To Deal With Our Feelings Can Affect Our Heath...

Many of us have been taught that it is not okay to feel, that emotions are not to be shown, we should not cry in public, or to show our anger and because we are taught not to become too emotional in public and try to stop others from showing their emotions. By keeping our emotions suppressed we begin to disrupt our smooth running engine, by suppressing our emotions we start to cause energy blockages within our energy system and over the years our bodies start to break down and we begin to suffer all sorts of symptoms. These manifest themselves in many forms, some people will suffer allergies, others chronic back problems, others migraines and many others will suffer digestive problems.

We Often Find The Trigger For The Problem

Can you remember back between approximately eighteen months to five years before your symptoms started, did you have trauma in your life, did you lose a partner, a family member, a job? Did you have an accident, fall down the stairs, slip in the garden or on the pavement? Did your life become very stressful and difficult to manage? All these things have a gradual impact on our bodies until eventually, our bodies start to show signs of fatigue and parts start to play us up. Our bodies are great at storing unresolved emotional issues; men especially ‘bottle-up’ their feelings, which can result in heart attacks.

Science is now recognising that certain emotions, when not expressed, contribute to the development of disease in our bodies. Our bodies contain meridians; these are energy systems flowing around our bodies ensuring that our organs, cells and tissues stay strong and healthy. When we injure ourselves or have an emotional trauma the energy pathway becomes partially blocked and the organ, muscle, tissues or cells also become partially blocked and start to cause us pain, stomach upsets, backache, headaches or depression, the list goes on. In other words, our energy system becomes unbalanced and starts to breakdown.

Check Out Your Energy System…

To check out your energy system right now, sit quietly facing to the front and close your eyes, you know you are sitting upright and facing forward, see if you can connect with your energy system you may find that you feel you are leaning to the left / right, forward / backward – if you feel you are leaning to the left you probably have some type of discomfort on your right side, this is because your energy is sitting more to your left – now think about what caused the problem you have on your right side, you may well have slipped or fallen and your energy has become unbalanced; another way of checking your energy is to sit quietly and see if your left and right feel balanced, you may find that one side feels heavier than the other, again your energy is out of balance. Migraines, headaches, backache and repetitive back problems can be caused by energy blockages. Many young women suffer from bad backs after having an epidural.

Many of us from time to time have felt weary, found it difficult to do our day-to-day jobs, seem to be running around in circles becoming less efficient, bad-tempered, irritable, tired and unable to gather ourselves up.

The Stress Effect?

Stress is one of the big factors in causing energy to become unbalanced. We become tired, lethargic, cannot think straight, our thoughts flit from one problem to another and we become muddled. Our energy cannot settle and we often feel spaced out because our energy doesn’t have time to catch up. We don’t sleep, we find it difficult to make decisions, we don’t eat properly or overindulge and if we are constantly travelling – either by train, car or plane – our energy never gets a chance to catch up with itself.

Accidents That Linger

An accident is something that happens so suddenly and unexpectedly we literally fall out of our energy and we don’t always get ourselves completely back together and our bodies seldom let go of the shock completely.

Energy therapy works along the same principles as Electricity; it is the switch that turns on your own immune system that releases your own natural healing energy. You are in charge of your own healing the therapist is the catalyst that helps your own healing system to relearn the healing process.
Energy balancing imposes nothing that your body cannot handle, your reactions come from your own homoeopathic system (your immune system) your body is working with you NOT AGAINST YOU. Energy Balancing can help to relieve all of the above symptoms and more.
Energy therapy incorporates Reiki; this is a technique that was developed in Japan it stimulates the flow of energy in the body, allowing for clearing of blockages, thereby promoting health and wellness.

Think about the people you know, those people who are always unwell often expect to be unwell, those people who are negative often stagger from one problem to another, those who are upbeat and happy always appear to sale thought life.