Lisa Rainham

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I had a car accident about twenty years ago which caused my jaw to be not in line.  To look at it the top teeth didn’t line up with the bottom teeth.  After a lot of effort and time it improved slightly but in the end I just accepted the fact that I would have to live with it.  I visited a dentist about two years ago who said they could fit a special brace , but with no guarantee and me having to spend about £5,000.

I decided it wasn’t worth it as it could still be no better.  I met Fraz at at networking business event who said she could possibly help.  I was a bit sceptical at first as no one else has managed to sort the problem out.  However I went to see her and after a couple of visits my top teeth are now in line with my bottom teeth.

I would recommend Fraz to anyone. Go along and see her as you really haven’t got anything to lose.  I certainly will without any hesitation.~ Lisa, Rainham.

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