Session Charges

After your 30 minute consultation the charge is £40.00 per session.  A session is usually 1 hour long but the time may vary depending on what your body is ‘telling’ me it needs.

Payments can be made by cash or cheque on the day of treatment and no deposit is needed.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is a common question and I usually recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.  Some clients are concerned that when they visit a practitioner, that an ongoing number of sessions are recommended.  As a member of the KIHA it is my pledge to never recommend unnecessary treatment or sessions, and if you do decide to stop before the recommended number of sessions have been carried out, then you will still have received benefit from the treatments already received.

Community Care

Where there is a genuine case of need for sessions and the client cannot afford the fee, especially where prolonged sessions are required (for example with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis), then a concession can be made.  I currently work with 3 clients in this way and often clients find that after treatment and a their life starts to get back on track they are in a position to finance their treatments.  Please call me if you would find this support helpful.