Who I Am

My goal to help as many people as I can to get their health, their energy and their life back on track. Are you suffering from arthritis, chronic back pain, cancer, migraines, stress, emotional problems or traumas going back to childhood. After a physical trauma, an emotional trauma or stress, our energy goes into shock and becomes unbalanced. When we suffer from stress or any type of trauma our energy tends to close itself down. We become tired; struggle to concentrate and it can feel like running around in circles. My speciality is to bring that balance back to normal. For many of us our minds just don’t turn off, it needs help to calm down. I have helped many people to get their bodies back on track.


Cancer treatment and diagnosis can cause shock and healing for cancer helps you get your energy back in balance and kick start your immune system and natural healing process and


Are you stressed, running round in circles? Feel less efficient, struggle with your schedule. Are you bad tempered, tired and feel scattered. Personal energy treatment can help you get feel fully rested, calm, alert and productive.

Professional Standards

I am a member and tutor for the Kent International Healing Association and always uphold their vigorous standards.  I am fully insured with Ballens to practice as a healer and energy therapist.